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Why You Need to Control Pests in Pets.

Basically, controlling pests such as fleas in pets is usually a process. Basically, adult ticks and fleas will mainly stay on the pet but the larvae, pupae, and eggs will be on the environment, for instance on the bedding, grass or the carpeting. When you note signs of fleas in your pet, it likely they hundreds of larvae and eggs within your home area. Because of this, you will need to treat the animal and the environment to effectively control the pests.

Basically, fleas are of many kinds but only one kind is enough to trouble both you and the pet. However, VetIQ will help you control fleas and ticks with their pet products. Pet owners usually wonder where could be the origin of pests in their pets. Nevertheless, this can happen in many ways. One way your pet can get these pests is from your yard when a stray pet drops them. Your pet will then collect them and the cycle will continue as these insects continue to lay eggs.

For your pets to stay healthy as well as free from ticks and fleas, you need to control such parasitic insects with VetIQ pet products. However, you should treat both the pest and the yard to control these parasites. Controlling these pests will also keep your pet healthy. Controlling the pests is especially essential immediately you see signs of fleas. Fleas can, however, cause some of the following health problems.

1. Skin allergies.

Normally, as the fleas feed, they bite the skin causing bumps on the skin. While feeding, these fleas will also inject their saliva into the skin of the pet. Usually, allergic pets will scratch their skins constantly which results in welts and swelling. To ensure your pet remains comfortable and happy, use VetIQ control products for fleas and ticks.

2. Itching areas.

Because of the irritation caused by the pests, the pet will scratch or chew its skin constantly creating hot spots. To relieve the pain and itching, use the VetIQ products to clean your pet.

3. The pet can become anemic.

Usually, fleas feed by sucking blood. Your pet might, however, become anemic as a result of the biting fleas. Some of the symptoms of anemia are such as low body temperature and pale gums. If the problem is not detected early enough, complications or death can occur. One of the ways to help your pet that has become anemic is stopping the fleas from biting. On the other hand, VetIQ pest control products will keep your pet happy and active.

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