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Why Choose a Lab-Made Diamond Engagement Ring?

The popularity of manmade diamond engagement rings has been going up lately. Just like natural diamonds, the synthetic ones are stunning, offering superior quality. Compared with mined diamonds of similar size and quality, the lab variety is more affordable.

Below is a brief description of the lab diamond creation processes before delving into their many perks.

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Artificial diamonds are created in a highly-manipulated laboratory setting using cutting-edge technology and methods that mimic the Earth’s natural processes of developing diamonds in the mantle. Real carbon particles are utilized in the creation of synthetic diamonds, resulting in a crystal structure akin to natural diamonds. Ultimately, the processed rock exhibits the same optical and chemical attributes as naturally-occurring diamond.

The Perks

If you choose to buy an engagement ring made of lab-made diamond, you get plenty of benefits. For starters, these diamonds are eco-friendly. The processes involved in the development of such products are sustainable in the long run, and it has a minimal impact on the environment.

Not Linked to Conflict

Lab diamonds are ethically developed. They’re not an outcome of stolen properties, such as in war torn countries. Legal, ethical sources supply the carbon atoms, which are integral to the lab diamond production.

Color Options

When you want to wear an engagement ring of a particular color tone, manmade diamonds provide you with an impressively extensive spectrum. You may go for colorless diamonds, or you could choose fancy colors for your rock. In fact, synthetic diamond production processes allow for fancy colors that are typically very rare in nature, for example tones of vibrant fancy yellow. Thus, manmade diamonds won’t disappoint when you want a rock displaying your preferred optical characteristics.

Comparatively Cheaper

Diamonds created in the laboratory are the perfect match for your budget. At a reasonable price, these rocks offer the same great chemical and optical properties of their natural equivalents. So, wearing a lab made engagement diamond ring does not mean lowering your standards of taste and class. In addition, it’s not possible to just look at a diamond ring and determined whether or not it’s natural. Only a specialized instrument can make that distinction by detecting tiny differences in the formation of the diamond, such as trace elements as well as crystal structure.

The Jewelry is Extremely Beautiful

Diamonds that are created in the lab are very beautiful, just like their naturally-occurring equivalents. That’s because they come with the same physical, chemical, and visual properties of diamonds mined from the earth.

The lab created diamond engagement ring market is full of gorgeous, cheaper options nowadays. The rocks are of excellent quality and are produced ethically. Likewise, the diamonds are created using environmentally-friendly technology.

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