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Best profession for twinks level 29

Druids are powerful in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. In WSG they are quite possibly the best flag capturers, especially in the bracket with travel form, making them the fastest players on the field. On defense they are a great addition to a group as they can root enemy flag runners until help arrives; be in stealth at the flag area waiting for incoming enemies; and striking when the time is right. Offensively playing a druid is viable too as you can root enemies to keep them off you while you take out their teammates while being able to heal yourself or your teammates. However, it should be noted that their damage capabilities fall below several other classes at lower levels. Feral swiftness is quite a strong talent even with the addition of travel form and mounts at lower levels.
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29 Legion Gear Prep Guide

Best profession for twinks level 29
Best profession for twinks level 29
Best profession for twinks level 29
Best profession for twinks level 29
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twink guide for BGs in World of Warcraft

Apart from that, the pvp trinket and any of the engineering trinkets. This is a very nice racial. The shaman is an extremely effective twink in this bracket, they have frost shock, earthbind and the fastest form of travel except dash and sprint for this level, ghost wolf. I have seen people say that shamans aren't that good in melee without windfury, but this isn't true, they do lack the awesome burst damage of wf but rockbiter gives a solid, consistent boost to dps, so it gets the job done. Imp Ghost Wolf is a must, in WSG movement is everything and having 1 sec ghost wolf allows you to make the shift to GW without losing too much ground on your target. Because Imp GW is so important i find there are only really 2 build options;.
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Druid twinking guide

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Forgot your password? Unlike every other twink bracket, almost every class can be extremely competitive with around 30g of gear and professions. We don't BG for honor grind, so games are extremely competitive with minimal accounts of dodging unlike 60 BGs. Every class is viable unlike

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