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Are mario and luigi gay

Gay Luigi gained a mind of his own, and then has tried to get revenge on his enemies like I. He was claimed to have been killed by Guerrilla Harkinian , but he survived. He was a lead general of the Forms, although he never joined the Mama Luigi Army , as he didn't fully trust Mama Luigi due to his anti-gay Nazi beliefs. However, he did provide valuable support to Mama Luigi's forces as the leader of the Gay Luigi Brigades. He even managed to kill a few well-known CD-i characters like the Baker and Gnorris. He was killed by a bunch of trolls , and died.
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Are mario and luigi gay
Are mario and luigi gay
Are mario and luigi gay
Are mario and luigi gay
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Gay Luigi | UnMarioWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Here's something that sure escalated quickly: neoGAF user sphinx noticed that at current, there are an absurd number of Spanish websites that report some variation of the idea that Mario and Luigi are gay. Upon further inspection, it seems like it's dozens of sites who believe this. So, uh, how did that happen? You'd think this would be the sort of thing that would make a buzz outside of the Spanish-speaking community if it were real, right? There is no link or specific reference to where this comes from, although it cites the bear suit as a possible reason why people would think that of the brothers. The site says that Nintendo took this as a sign of kids becoming more tolerant. Now, looking through the rest of the site, it almost seems like a satire site in the same vein as The Onion.
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Before the creation of the cosmos, Gay Luigi was begotten of Satan. Sermo and Vita then. Due to her primarily manifesting in her gay Italian plumber form, it has become a common misconception that. Gay Luigi is a male, hence the title gay.
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